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Lavandula Design has a lengthy history of working with large and small nonprofit organizations to help them succeed in their fundraising efforts and gain donor loyalty.

Lavandula strives to make sure that your event invitations are the first piece of mail that prospective donors open.  We want your organization to stand out in the crowd.  Not only that, we constantly get feedback from our long term customers that donors cannot wait to "See this year's event theme".

Beyond event branding, we thoroughly understand fundraising event components, from achieving your chairs' vision to working with the host committees and building auction signage. We are here to help and offer guidance due to our 15-year history in nonprofit special events production.   

In short, we take care of all the event branding details, so that your development team can focus on its core mission of raising funds for your organization.

Lavandula has extensive experience with nonprofit capital campaign branding as well.  We are a valuable partner when you are building a new capital campaign or looking for a new look for an existing one.

Contact us for your next Capital Campaign, Ball, Gala, or other nonprofit events.

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